DE LA Project No. 1
Textiles En Movimiento

Textilos en Movimiento: Tradition and Innovation in Textile Design is a vignette: an exhibition of artworks, techniques, documents and happenings which provide a glimpse into the story of regional textile tradition and innovation through the lens of the Escalante family, indigenous weavers from Catamarca, Argentina. The multimedia exhibition features handmade textiles by IONA, live performance and demonstrations by the Escalante Family, a documentary film and live projections by Cristian Delvalle Caicedo, curated by Callie Humphrey of DE LA Studio.

Photo Apr 15, 11 13 19 AM.jpg

SITE specific + immersive exhibition

The two-part exhibition took place at Moorten’s Botanical Gardens in Palm Springs, and a private warehouse space in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. Each venue provided a different perspective on the process, work, and exhibition design that was informed by each environment.

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MOorten’s Botanical gardens, palm springs

Textiles en Movimiento LA-037 copy.jpg

eagle rock, los angeles